Newsletter June 19, 2023

Talk about bipartisanship! The last two sessions have been very bipartisan. June 15 session dealt with requests from the Senate to either approve, end or change House or Senate Bills. All bills required the House, the Senate, and the governor’s approvals. In the morning, 17 Bills passed with a voice vote. The House only returned

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Newsletter April 7, 2023

Last week Cyril and I worked on the $15.6B State budget. In a surprising move, the Leaders of the House came up with a bipartisan amendment that satisfied both groups. Successes for both parties include: Passing HB1 and HB2 gave the House essential control of the budget process. A new Education Adequacy formula increased overall

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Newsletter March 31, 2023

On March 28, the fourth graders from Chichester Central School visited the State House to understand better the function of the three branches of government and how the laws are made at local and state levels. Virginia Drew and her team from the State House Visitors Center did an incredible job overseeing the tour, making

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