Newsletter March 31, 2023

On March 28, the fourth graders from Chichester Central School visited the State House to understand better the function of the three branches of government and how the laws are made at local and state levels. Virginia Drew and her team from the State House Visitors Center did an incredible job overseeing the tour, making the regional representatives – Cyril, Sen. Howard Pearl & I, from the school’s district part of the lesson.

The tour began with the Hall of Flags and its significance. The class learned how unique “The Granite State Way” is from the rest of the country. The next stop was Reps Hall, where the 400 lawmakers conduct business. Mrs. Drew proposed a bill/ law for the class to consider, adding 10 min each day to their favorite subjects – lunch, recess & extracurricular activities! Cyril and I were very impressed as students debated the bill on the floor, bringing up the ramifications of the bill. The bill failed.

Senator Pearl led the tour of the Senate chamber. He clarified that even if they passed the “extra-hour” bill, it would need to be passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor before it became law. The class had great questions for the senator and were very engaged. We ended the discussion with HB96, which proclaims May 3 to remember NH’s Old Man of the Mountain. This bill passed the House last week.

The last stop was the Governor’s office. Governor Sununu was not in, but nothing is better than sitting in his chair at the head of the executive table. Some of the smirks were priceless.

Howard, Cyril, and I thank the CCS teachers and students for giving us a day at the State House that we will remember. They were well prepared, had great questions, and we are sure that there are some future legislators that we met in the 4th grade.

We are looking forward to meeting with the fourth graders from Pittsfield Elementary School when they tour.

Sincerely, Representatives Clayton Wood and Cyril Aures