Clayton Wood and Cyril Aures for NH State Rep

About Cyril

Cyril is a family man who has been married for 45 years and has four children and four grandchildren. Only recently has he stepped into politics after increasingly feeling as though his government does not represent him, a feeling shared by many residents of Pittsfield-Chichester. Cyril has worked with the Department of Defense and has a wealth of corporate experience. He has thus developed a great deal of knowledge on government and effective policy, and will put that knowledge to work to serve you while in office.

About Clayton

Clayton has a great deal of experience as a public servant, having been a member of the Planning Board for ten years and the School Board for three. He has volunteered to run the Pittsfield and Pittsfield school websites for the last 15 years. After having seen the problems in our local, state, and federal government, Clayton felt he could no longer stand by. As State Representative, he will ceaselessly advocate for common-sense government that will above all seek to serve and represent you.

Our Policies

Property Taxes

Property taxes are too high, the current system will only force property taxes higher, enough is enough.  Our state’s current system of public-school funding is broken. NH doesn’t need Superintendents, or assistant Superintendents; it is best going with local control with the Principal of the School and the School Board working together.  Local control is the NH Way and doing so will save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year per town.

School Choice and Parental Rights

We need alternatives, school competition, school choice, tuition following. Education Freedom Accounts will be an excellent vehicle to facilitate the realization of these alternative schools.  In addition, these programs will enhance competition for the Students giving them more opportunities to meet their educational needs.  These needs are best determined by the student along with their parents guidance and support. Most importantly, parents should always know what their kids are being taught in schools and have the final word on it. Parenting is the responsibility of the parents and not the government.

2nd Amendment

There can be no compromises on the rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution, with one of the most important among those being the 2nd Amendment. The right to bear arms shall not be infringed, and we will fight without exception to protect your rights.


We believe New Hampshire is the most beautiful state in the country. We will fight to preserve this beauty through legislation that protects our environment, while also not supporting policies that increase the price of gas and energy for hard-working families.