Newsletter February 14, 2024

The past 2 Sessions on February 1 & 8 were very busy with over 40 bills reaching the floor in addition to a substantial number of bills voted on from the Consent calendar. In addition, many bills had amendment(s) which also had to be addressed.

February 1st bills of significance:

HB396 was moved to reconsider but failed to pass 187-190.  This bill permits classification of individuals based on biological sex in lavatory facilities and locker rooms.

In a very bipartisan way many bills passed on a Voice Vote, HB1199 child advocacy, HB1588 children in need of special services, HB1598 social security payments/veterans benefits for children in foster care, HB1237 police vehicles used in traffic enforcement must be clearly marked, HB1398 net energy metering costs recovery by electric distribution utilities and HB 1179 allows retired veterans / spouses free access to state parks.

HB1391 passed 241 to 123 eliminating inspection for new vehicles.

HR20 passed 354-6 reaffirming relations and trade with Taiwan .

HB1068 was defeated 189 to 190 to test children entering day care and public school for lead, as this is already done.

HB1520 was defeated 184 to 193 which would have provided Free car usage as part of a family assistance package.

HB1002 passed 193 to 178 charging up to $25/hour after 10 hours for public record information. Please note that this bill was reconsidered on Feb 8 and sent back to committee.

CACR23 & HB1248 were defeated by bipartisan votes of 184 to193 and 11 to 363, respectively. CACR23 for the constitutional change in favor of abortion which needed a margin of 60% was easily defeated and HB1248 having a fifteen day abortion limit also easily defeated. It was obvious both sides of the aisle didn’t want to deal with these out of the ordinary positions.

February 8th bills of significance:

HB1206 prohibiting educator indoctrination passed on a voice vote. Bipartisan support for this bill was overwhelming.

HB1561 which would have expanded EFA (Education Freedom Account) eligibility to a wider range of students. For example, identify as LGBTQ+ and bullied or tested at the bottom of standards. This bill was “DEFEATED” by 183 – 197. 

HB 1634 removing the household income criteria from the EFA eligibility requirement failed by a vote of 193-188. This bill would have opened up the EFA program to all families.

HB1665 raised the annual household income limit from 350% to 500% above the poverty level to qualify for the EFA program.  It passed 190 to 189, so some Reps had to have voted both ways in order for this to pass and HB1561 and HB 1634 to get defeated.

HB1116 allows more firearms using straight walled cartridges for deer management hunting in otherwise restricted hunting areas. Straight walled cartridges are very accurate better for deer harvesting results yet do not have the power or range of bottle-necked cartridges protecting people in restricted hunting areas.

HB1045 will require power boat operators to wear an engine cut-off switch. Bipartisan support was overwhelming, passed 324 to 53. 

HB1700  prohibiting cloud seeding, weather modification, intentional release of emissions into our atmosphere or at ground level to supposedly prevent global warming failed to pass by 58 to 315. The bill was too broad and did not define authority and control with no definitions and standards.

HB1138 equalizing fines for operating an OHRV or snowmobile with an expired license.

We will continue to keep you informed throughout the year. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Your House Representatives Cyril Aures and Clayton Wood