Newsletter March 24, 2023

Over 80 Bills in two days, March 22 and 23: firearms, Parental Rights, governmental overreach (Covid), and Life were all in play. Defending these positions is why Cyril and I went to Concord!

First up was HB10, which established that the Parents were in charge of their children and their children’s education. The bill failed by 6 votes! Disappointing as UNH just completed a poll with over 70% support for parental rights! We did manage to save the bill by tabling it.

HB351 would have expanded the criminal penalties for negligent storage of firearms, but was defeated by a bipartisan vote (202-183). HB135 would prohibit no-knock warrants except to protect human life, passed 344-9.

HB127 revises the Governor’s authority to declare, renew or terminate a state of emergency, passed (193-185). Unfortunately, two other bills, HB557, would revise the HHS rule-making authority to add vaccines without legislation, and HB575 would prevent the government from promoting vaccines that have not been tested on humans. Both failed!

HB224 would repeal the criminal penalties for Fetal Life Protection Act violations, passed by a vote of 205 – 178! Many feel that if this bill becomes law, it will nullify the FLPA, allowing unlimited abortion up to birth!…No control over the abortions of healthy human babies until birth! Let’s be clear, the current law provides for any abortion up to 24 weeks for all healthy baby fetuses and allows for late-term abortions in case of medical problems. Cyril and I are Pro-Life and willing to work on a reasonable solution. We know you don’t believe in the abortion of healthy babies to birth. It is time to take a stand and get involved!

On a positive bipartisan note, the legislature passed HB442 (276-100) to protect our coastline environment and lobster industry. This bill will save lobsters and fish trapped on the ocean floor and remove hazards like ghost traps lost over the years. What started as a bill with little chance of passing resulted in improvements to the fishing industry and environment.

Sincerely, Representatives ClaytonWood and Cyril Aures