Newsletter March 17, 2023

The State House was in Session on March 16. The session lasted 7 hours, with both parties having similar attendance.

There were two gun Bills. HB76 would have imposed a three-day waiting period between the purchase and delivery of the firearm, and HB444 would have prohibited possession of a firearm at a polling place. Bipartisan votes terminated both.

HB596 prohibits racial profiling in law enforcement activities and sentencing, passed by one vote (186-185). Cyril and I felt this Bill was unnecessary since these activities are already against the law.

HB208 was controversial, which would have established greenhouse emission reduction goals for the state and a climate action plan. This legislation needed to include controls for reducing greenhouse emissions. It allowed the state to do anything it wanted without accountability! Other New England states have similar plans, which differ from the New Hampshire Way. We need to address NH issues to pass such a plan!

Two critical Bills were tabled based on problems in the wording of the Bill. HB104, making multi-stall bathrooms and locker rooms in New Hampshire schools the same sex, and HB514, relative to the dissemination of obscene material by schools, were laid on the table.

HB360 will legalize cannabis for persons 21 years or older and passed on an overwhelming bipartisan vote (210-160, Another step closer to legalization). On the other hand, HB328 was overwhelmingly defeated and would have legalized LSD and other psychedelic drugs (290-76).

Our deadline is approaching to move all our bills to the Senate. Next week there are two sessions planned for March 22 and 23!

Sincerely, Representatives Clayton Wood and Cyril Aures