Newsletter April 7, 2023

Last week Cyril and I worked on the $15.6B State budget. In a surprising move, the Leaders of the House came up with a bipartisan amendment that satisfied both groups.

Successes for both parties include:

  • Passing HB1 and HB2 gave the House essential control of the budget process.
  • A new Education Adequacy formula increased overall funding and targeted the towns that most needed it.

Wins for the Republicans:

  • The elimination of the Interest Dividend Tax is accelerated.
  • Education Freedom Account (EFA) applicants will not require a minimum of one-year of enrollment in public school.
  • The Department of Education to not administer the EFA.
  • Medicaid Expansion is limited to two years.
  • The governor’s power to impose a state of emergency will be limited.

Wins for the Democrats:

  • The expansion of EFA programs is removed.
  • The EFA budget is reduced.
  • The Affordable Housing budget is increased.

HB 639 for the adult-use legalization of cannabis passed (272 – 109).

Cyril and I believe that the budget still needs to be improved. We are clearly beginning a long process to be completed by June 30. Since the state constitution requires a balanced budget, we hope to see a reduction in spending.

Sincerely, Representatives ClaytonWood and Cyril Aures